At Key Protect we know that the job you do can affect your life insurance premiums. We were quite surprised at some of the jobs that led to increased premiums, so we set about finding the 10 most dangerous jobs for your health in the UK.

For many of the UK’s population, having to deal with a dangerous job on a daily basis is normal. It’s no surprise that jobs such as a police officer, fire-fighters and pilots have quite the risk within their profession. However, some of the jobs that cause the most injuries and fatalities are not what you would expect.

Health Worker:

Health care workers are exposed to all manner of health and safety hazards every day, such as:

Biological hazards, such as TB, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, SARS

Chemical hazards, such as, glutaraldehyde, ethylene oxide

Physical hazards, such as noise, radiation, slips trips and falls

Ergonomic hazards, such as heavy lifting

Psychosocial hazards, such as shiftwork, violence and stress

Fire and explosion hazards, such as using oxygen, alcohol sanitizing gels

Electrical hazards, such as frayed electrical cords

As you can tell by the image above, we are trying to have a little bit of fun here, but we haven’t forgotten that life insurance is a serious business. We mean it when we say that your occupation has an effect on your life insurance premiums, but so can many other things, which is why you need specialist advice when considering your options.

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Inspired by Crunch – Britain’s dangerous jobs

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