Our countdown of the 10 most dangerous jobs in the country continues, as we strive to see which jobs are likely to see the biggest increase in premiums when applying for life insurance.  This week we move on to number 8, and it’s another one that we weren’t quite expecting.


It is understood that teaching is a stressful, yet rewarding, career choice. However, whether a teacher looks after a group of children aged 5 or a group of teenagers at 15, there are many different risks they take while preforming their job.

In the Health and Safety Executive report, it is shown that between 2013 and 2014 there was a total of 4,728 injuries in the education sector.

Risks involved with teaching are:

Bacterial and viral infections – teachers are more susceptible to catching certain bugs, as they spend a lot of their time with students and colleagues.

Work related stress – stress can come from many areas with working within a school. Pressure from parents, school targets and pupil’s performance.

Violence – some pupils can become violent towards each other; teachers get involved to put a stop to this behaviour, which can put them at rick themselves. Equally, some pupils act out towards teachers, with intent of causing some form of harm.

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