We’re counting down a list of the most dangerous jobs in the country, as we were quite surprised at some of the jobs that lead to an increased life insurance premium.


It’s a popular idea that the job of a librarian is a peaceful one, working in a calm and quiet environment that is pretty much risk free. Paper cuts aside, of course! Well, according to a report by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 2013-2014, there were a total of 106 injuries within the libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities section, in which 1 of those injuries resulted in a fatality.

The dangers of being a librarian include:

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Back Strain from heavy lifting and bending

Falling books

Trips and falling from ladders

Cumulative trauma disorders (CTD) such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome


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Inspired by Crunch – Britain’s dangerous jobs

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