Because of our dedication to getting you the best value health insurance, we’re counting down to Christmas with a list of handy and helpful tips that should help you have a healthy Christmas this year. 

Healthy Christmas tip #2 – ask for healthy presents:

There’s nothing wrong with asking for what you want – it’s a much better use of your family’s money than letting them buy you yet another DVD boxset that will end up gathering dust…in the charity shop. If you know that the person will insist on giving you a gift (even if you’ve asked them not to – there’s always one!), politely ask for a healthy pressie, such as new trainers or some gym wear. Good fitness equipment is a great motivator to get active. Equally, because it’s much easier to be healthy when the people around you are too, you could try giving someone a healthy gift too – a healthy cookbook is a great idea for those who enjoy creating tasty treats in the kitchen.





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