Christmas is nearly upon us, so let’s crack on with Key Health’s tips to a healthy Christmas…


Healthy Christmas tip #3 – stay conscious of the dinner time drinks:

Christmas dinner is a feast that most of us look forward to, and many diners will also be enjoying a tipple or two, especially if they’ve just spent hours slaving away in the kitchen to produce it all.

Whether you plan to enjoy the traditional turkey or choose to try something new, there are a few tricks that you can use to cut out some of unnecessary added calories, whilst still enjoying a glass of your favourite red or white. Try using small glasses for wine and alcoholic beverages this Christmas; subconsciously, you will be aware the number of top ups you’ve had – more than with a large glass – so you should be less likely to consume as much. Another great dinner time drinks tip is to place water jugs and glasses on the table. This way, you and your guests can quench thirst and stay well hydrated without leaving the table, or resorting to wine, which might wet your mouth, but doesn’t really hydrate you.




Come back soon to see the next Key Health ‘Healthy Christmas’ tip.

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