It might be “the most wonderful time of the year”, but it’s also no secret that Christmas can be one of the busiest periods in the calendar, with weeks spent looking for gifts, catching up with friends, office parties, and mentally preparing for the challenge of organising family and preparing dinner for the big day… all whilst trying to stick to that carefully planned budget, and fit in normal everyday activities. Being this busy can mean that we forget to take care of ourselves, which is where tip number 4 comes in.

Healthy Christmas tip #4 – meal preparations:

Whether we’re shopping for gifts, finding the perfect tree or a turkey big enough to feed all the family, spending all our time on Christmas prep means that we’re sometimes left with very little time to cook healthier meals, and we find ourselves reaching for the ready meals and instant blood-sugar boosters. A good way to ensure that you and your family are still eating well while you’re all rushing around is to prepare meals in bulk and freeze them, creating your very own home-made ready meals, tailored to your family’s needs. As well as drastically reducing time spent preparing the day’s family dinner, it can also save money, since bulk-buying ingredients is often better value.




Think this is a great tip? Why not check out our previous tips which include the health perks of Christmas shopping, gift giving and dinner time drinks. If you already have them tips on your list, come back tomorrow for Key Health’s ‘Healthy Christmas’ tip number 5.

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