The big ‘Healthy Christmas’ countdown continues, with Key Health bringing you another tip to help keep you and your family on your feet this Christmas.


 Healthy Christmas tip #5 – enjoy nature parks and trails:

Spending time with loved ones is something we all cherish, especially during the Christmas period. Cosy nights in with seasonal movies and hot chocolates are nights we all dream of when winter sets in. However, there are many beautiful places you and the family could visit, no matter where you’ll be this season.

In the UK there hundreds of nature walks and parks that become, during winter, a picturesque wonderland that all the family are sure to enjoy. Try visiting the National Trust or the National Trail websites to find yourself a winter adventure – you might be surprised how many breathtaking nature walks and parks that are near by. Royal Parks is another great site where you can find winter events in local parks to fulfil your festive dreams.

Walking is a great activity for all the family. Not only is walking a simple way to exercise, woodland walks can also be a great place for children to explore, learn and use their imagination during this magical time of year.




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