Christmas is almost here, so here is Key Health’s Healthy Christmas tip number 6…

 Healthy Christmas tip #6 – Christmas cooking

When it comes to Christmas dinner, we often go all out. Buying a huge turkey, offering a supermarket selection of the best seasonal vegetables, cooking up the crispiest roast potatoes, stuffing, and of course there’s the gravy.

With so much to prepare, there’s a great little tip that can help save preparation time, while also benefiting your health – leave the skin on your vegetables. Unless the skin is inedible, you should leave it on. Many nutrients are concentrated in or just under the skin, which means that by peeling, you are throwing away most of the goodness the vegetable has to offer. And think of all the time you would save if you didn’t peel your vegetables! While, of course, also increasing your nutritional intake.

Another great cooking tip is to use olive oil or vegetable oil for crisping up those roast potatoes. Traditionally at Christmas people would use goose fat to roast potatoes, but it’s generally considered that olive or vegetable oil are much healthier alternatives. 





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