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At Key Health we aren’t just Insurance Brokers, we are friendly, genuine people, who believe that Private Healthcare should be tailored to your specific requirements.

Key Health was founded by a couple of friends, with a passion for doing things differently, and it’s remained exactly that way ever since.

Our goal at Key Health is to be surrounded by welcoming fun people, who know their stuff, love life, and are passionate about giving great advice to our clients.

Aaron Valente

Director & Co-Founder

Aaron is a Director and Co-founder of Key Health, but don’t let the career in insurance fool you into thinking that there's no time for fun.

With a penchant for appalling 1980’s music, and a love of all things Brighton, Aaron decided to add to his excitement levels by pursuing a career in the insurance industry in 2004. After seeing how the insurance world worked, he knew that things could be done differently.

In 2009 Aaron and David decided to co-found Key Health, placing client care and transparency at the centre of the company ethos, and they haven’t looked back!

Aaron likes to think of himself as an ‘at-home’ comedian, and his very patient wife Su and three step-children make an excellent audience.

David Plummer

Managing Director & Co-Founder

In 2009, following a series of senior director roles at large well-known multinational corporations, and a major UK health insurer, David decided he wanted to make a change.

With his wealth of knowledge and a desire to do things differently, he decided to draft in Aaron and they co-founded Key Health. David’s relaxed professionalism and client-centred approach to the world of insurance is the foundation of Key Health’s ethos. David is also a qualified accountant but makes up for that with his legendary pun-based sense of humour.

David also loves to travel and collect wine….often at the same time!


James Ball

Head of New Business

With over 25 years working in the Insurance industry, James brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to Key Health and our clients.

James’ deep (grand canyon-like) understanding of insurance means that he can wax lyrical about underwriting in a way few others can, but thankfully he is not actually as boring as that!

James’ passion and unwavering, perhaps fanatical support of Liverpool, even back in their darkest moments, gives us all something to chuckle about.

James enjoys nothing more than coming to work for a bit of R&R, as he is currently raising twins who keep him on his toes and make him highly unlikely to be awake come 10 pm.

Su Valente

Administration Manager

Su has been a key member of Key Health for over 10 years, and is integral to the smooth running of the business.

Originally from a hospitality background, Su has a keen eye for detail and knows the value of exceptional customer service. Swapping out the late nights and weekends of hospitality for more sociable hours allows Su more time to focus on her family.

Su has three children and four grandchildren that keep her busy, there is never a dull moment in her world! In her spare time, Su loves to BBQ on the beach with friends, drink beautiful wine, do a spot of yoga, and learn Japanese, because why not?!

Claire Smith

Head of Client Retention

Claire began working in the Private Medical Insurance sector in 2007 and has been with Key Health from the very beginning.

Claire’s dedicated professionalism and exceptional customer service can be seen in everything that she does, whether working with teammates or clients. Claire’s personal care and attention is second to none, and for her client’s this means that they know exactly who to turn to for their annual review.

When Claire is not in the office, she enjoys walking the South Downs with her family and friends.


Kyle Watt

Client Advice Team Leader

In many ways Kyle is a rare breed with eclectic interests, and that shows up in his interest in sport. On one side we are dealing with an avid Manchester United fan, but on the other side we find an American Football fan, The Bills being his team of choice.

Born in the Bahamas, with a Dad who is part Indian part British, Kyle still manages to retain a healthy dislike of curry. Kyle is a Lego collecting fan of Italian cuisine who has recently developed a liking for country music to go with his unashamed and frankly baffling liking for the music of boybands, we said he had eclectic interests!

Now with 14 years of experience in the insurance industry, with a drive to give great, easy to follow advice to his clients, Kyle is personable and committed to doing things right without compromise, should you be fortunate enough to work with Kyle you may feel a level of service associated with days gone by when things were done properly. Or, on the other hand, you may hear him singing along to Boyzone. Luck of the draw we think.

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