Easy Renewal Process

Insurance policies change every year, so we make it standard practice to review your policy annually to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

Our specialist team handle the renewal process from start to finish, and are on hand to assist with any questions you may have along the way. Whether that’s understanding the fine print, explaining the detail in our comparison report or, helping you understand how we ensure that conditions covered on your existing policy will remain covered if you choose to move insurers.

Our step by step process explained:

Step 1

We receive renewal terms from your current insurer.

Step 2:

We notify you that your annual review is under way.

Step 3:

We carry out a market review, comparing your current policy to others on a like for like basis.

Step 4:

We contact you current insurer to advise of competitive quotes, giving us a great opportunity to improve the terms they originally offered.

Step 5:

We contact you with details of all available options including details of any renegotiated premiums with your current insurer.

Step 6:

Our state of the art comparison report and specialist assistance allows you to compare your options and decide on the right policy for the year ahead.

Step 7:

Once you decide, we get to work either renewing your current policy or preparing the paperwork for your new policy.

That’s business taken care of until next year!

Now you can relax knowing that you have the right policy with the right cover at the right price. Win, win, win!


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