What’s an Introducer?

Introducers are people or businesses who have joined our Introducers Programme, because they have clients, friends or contacts who are looking for specialist Private Healthcare advice that can be trusted. They may be insurance brokers themselves who don’t offer this particular service, an accountant who thinks their client could be paying more than they need to, or one of our existing clients who’ve been impressed by our service and want to spread the love.  

For every referral we receive we pledge to plant a tree, regardless of the outcome. For any referral that does lead to a confirmed policy, we’ll pay a generous introduction fee direct to the introducers bank account, or we’ll make a donation to the introducers chosen charity. A simple concept with lots of benefits.

The benefits

Benefits to the introducer

Benefits to the person being introduced

Quick Referral

Once you are in our programme referring a client is as easy as filling in a contact form

Open Communication

Our introducers are kept in the loop the whole process. We ensure both you, and the person you’ve introduced to us, know exactly how things are progressing every step of the way.

Personal Service

Once we’re introduced, we’ll make sure the advice we give is tailored to the needs of the individual or company that you refer.  Whether they are looking to protect their family or employees, looking at private healthcare for the first time or wanting to review their current arrangement, they’ll be speaking with a friendly specialist who will guide you through their options from start to finish.

Specialist Knowledge

By referring your client or friend to us, they can take advantage of our specialist knowledge and you’ll have the peace of mind that we’ll be giving the best service along with the knowledge that we’ll only be talking to them about private healthcare, nothing else.

Referral Benefits

For every referral we receive we’ll plant a tree, so you’ll be happy to know that you’re helping the planet whilst introducing your friend or client to top-notch service. Once a referral becomes a client you can choose to donate the introducer fee from your referral to a charity of your choice or get it paid directly into your bank account.

Becoming a Key Health Introducer

in 3 easy steps.

How We Work

1. Joining our Introducers Programme   |   2. Refer A Client   |    3. Recieve a comission

1. Joining our Introducers Programme

2. Refer A Client

3. Recieve a comission

Want to learn more about becoming an Introducer?

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