September 6th is “read a book day”. Many of us enjoy spending hours with our heads buried deep in a good book. It’s not just about the story – it means taking some time for yourself with a cup of tea and sitting in your favourite spot. Reading is a great hobby that enables you to step into a new world and bring your imagination to life. But what effects does reading really have? Read on to discover the reading benefits for the brain.

Mental Stimulation

Reading is a great way to stimulate your mind. Just like any other muscle we have in our body, the brain needs exercise to help keep it healthy. Some studies have shown that by staying mentally stimulated, it could slow down (of even possibly prevent) Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  [1]

Memory Improvement

When reading a book there is a lot to remember; characters, their backgrounds, the history of the story so far and all the small plots which may have happened. Each time you create a new memory a new brain pathway is made, and old ones are made stronger. Reading is a great tool to help improve your short term memory, which in turn strengthens your long term memory. So there is definitely a link between reading and memory retention.


There are many benefits of reading for personal growth. Even just by reading fiction, you can learn a lot about culture, history, relationships, and yourself. Reading is a way to learn so much new information that you may not be aware you have learnt until you use it. By soaking up all this new information, you could find yourself with a new passion for social studies, art, or dog grooming!

Vocabulary Expansion

Similarly to expanding your knowledge, reading will also expand your vocabulary, as you are exposing yourself to new words, which will work their way into your day to day conversations. Being articulate is a great way to give yourself confidence when talking to new people, or in the work place, people who are higher up on the career ladder. By reading you are also able to improve your grammar and spelling without even realising it.

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