Are you looking for private medical insurance? Maybe you’re weighing up your options and thinking of just going straight to the insurance provider yourself? In this post we’ll take you through all the benefits of using an insurance broker (like us!)

First of all, what is a health insurance broker?

Here at Key Health, we deal with medical insurance day in day out, it’s what we’re good at! But we know not everyone actually knows what a health insurance broker is. So let’s start there – in a nutshell, health insurance brokers compare providers and their policies to make sure their client (that’s you!) gets the right policy at the best price for them and their specific circumstances.

Now we’ve covered that off, let’s dive into some of the benefits of using a private health insurance broker.

It won’t cost you a single penny

At Key Health, we’ll guide you through the whole process and match you with a private medical insurance policy that’s tailored to you and your specific circumstances. And we’ll do it all for free! The insurance providers pay us a commission, meaning you get our expert help and advice at no cost to you.

To be honest, you could probably just stop reading here – if you can have expert advice from private medical insurance specialists for free, why wouldn’t you? Drop us a line here today, or call us on 020 3971 6977 and let’s have a chat about how we can help.

Still not convinced? Read on for a few more benefits of using a health insurance broker.

We take the stress out of it

We insurance brokers are medical insurance obsessed. We love it! But we know not everyone does, finding private health insurance can be stressful and pretty daunting – navigating insurance policy jargon, interrogating fine-print, weighing up the pros and cons of different policies and providers. It’s not everyone’s favourite thing.

Why go through all that stress on your own when you could have private health insurance experts like us doing it all for you? We’ll do all the hard work, and find you the perfect medical insurance policy for you and your specific circumstances. Looking for health insurance for over 50s? Or maybe you’re wondering ‘can I get health insurance for pre-existing conditions?’ As health insurance brokers, we’ve seen it all before and we know how to find the perfect medical insurance for you and your unique needs. Plus, at Key Health we don’t work with just any old insurers, we only work with carefully hand-picked providers that offer the best service, and the best policies, for our clients.

You get a better deal on your policy premium

Looking for lower premiums and cheaper private health insurance? A health insurance broker (like us!) can help you do just that. We’re on your side, not the side of the insurers. When negotiating premiums, we are working on your behalf to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Plus at Key Health, our hand-picked providers are competing for our and our client’s attention which can often lead to better rates. So by using a broker, you get better deals and lower premiums!

And we’ll make sure you keep getting a good deal

If you go direct to a health insurance provider, they’ll increase the premium annually, meaning each year your medical insurance will get more and more expensive. Sneaky we know! But with a health insurance broker like us on your side who reviews your policy annually, across all of our providers, we’re creating competiton which will normally allow us to successfully negotiate with your current provider, giving you the best chance of avoiding those rising costs.

At Key Health we do free annual reviews of your policy, comparing your current policy with the rest of the market, and negotiating with your provider to bring your premium down in line with the competition. And if they can’t, we’ll help you switch to a new policy.

You get advice when making a health insurance claim

Using a private health insurance broker like us means if you need to make a health insurance claim, we’ll be there to help guide you through the process. Here at Key Health, we stay in touch, offering ongoing support – whether that’s help when making a health insurance claim, or general administrative support at any time, we’re here for you.

Want to find out more?

We’d love to hear from you! Simply fill in the form here and one of our team of specialists will get in touch. Or call us on 020 3971 6977 and let’s have a chat about how we could help find you your perfect medical insurance today.

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