Stress-related illness accounted for 23 sick days per worker in 2014, and private health insurance companies now reward customers who take steps to reduce stress to a healthy level.

In our Stress Less series, expert coach Soraya Shaw shares her simple but powerful ways to step off the treadmill and feel calmer in your daily life.

“Be honest about your priorities, and create goals.”

“Do you have a goal you’re working towards? Do you know what it is you’d like, and why? Being clear on your direction can’t be underestimated. You wouldn’t go on holiday without planning your journey and knowing where your destination is, so why wouldn’t you do that in other areas of your life? Know what you want to achieve, and plan backwards to where you are now, so that you can create the clear steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

Soraya is the founder & director of Springboard Coaching, which specialises in management and leadership development. If you have a stress related problem you can’t find the answer to, she’ll be happy to answer on this blog – just contact us here with your question.

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