In our Stress Less series, expert coach Soraya Shaw shares her simple but powerful ways to step off the treadmill and feel calmer in your daily life. 

“Recognise your achievements – even the little ones”

“Do you acknowledge your successes each day, or focus on what went wrong or whatever you didn’t do? Our brain is hot-wired to look for negatives – this evolved to ensure our survival, with the brain constantly scanning to check if we are safe or not. But you’re unlikely to be at risk from tigers any more, so flip your thinking. At the end of each day, help your brain to identify what went well, what you learnt from it, and how you can build on it. You’ll feel good, and it helps to build your self-esteem, which in turns builds your confidence and positive self-belief. That’s a much nicer way to live, don’t you think?”

Soraya is the founder & director of Springboard Coaching, which specialises in management and leadership development. If you have a stress related problem you can’t find the answer to, she’ll be happy to answer on this blog – just contact us here with your question.

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