This month’s Star Juice is… The Ruby Red Refresher

I hope you’re having a fabulous summer!

The Refresher is my staple Summer Sangria, which goes well with the addition of sparkle or spirit and finished with organic British strawberries and/or raspberries, as they’re so good at the moment.

As warmer weather invites us to wear lighter clothes – and fewer of them – some of us may wish to lose a pound or two. This little juice is good for weight-loss and digestion, and without adding anything to it, it’s hard to believe it’s under 70 calories!

Don’t worry if you don’t own a juicer – use a blender, and a sieve to strain the juice.

Serving size: makes 1 serving


1 red bell pepper ¦ ½ cucumber ¦ 1 beet ¦ small piece of ginger ¦ small bunch of mint


1. Wash all ingredients ¦ 2. Remove red pepper stem and seeds ¦ 3. Peel ginger with a teaspoon to keep its flesh intact ¦ 4. Slice cucumber lengthways and quarter ¦ 5. Top and tail beet then halve and quarter ¦ 6. Place alternate ingredients into the juicer ¦ 7. Pour into a glass with ice, add fresh mint, strawberries and raspberries for garnish

Top tips

Make up a jug and keep it in the fridge

Add water to dilute it for kids

Pour into ice pop molds and freeze – not just for kids!

Keep the skin on your cucumber and beet for extra fibre

Add additional fruit to the jug – blueberries work well

Happy juicing!


Why are we using these ingredients?

Red Bell Peppers or Capsicum contain a molecule called capsaicin that is shown to increase your fat-burning rate and promote weight loss.

Capsaicins stimulate your body to burn calories as heat and improve your fat oxidation*.

According to a study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” eating 6 mg of capsaicins per day improved abdominal fat loss in men and women – so it can be great to incorporate into your diet to help lose belly fat.

Beetroot evolved from wild seabeet, which is native of coastlines from India to Britain, it helps to cleanse the liver and can assist in lowering incidents of heart disease.

Strawberries have been eaten since Roman times, when they were used medicinally to help with digestive ailments, discolored teeth and skin irritations.

* Fat oxidation refers to the body using up stored fats to produce energy. This normally happens during exercise.

Recipe from Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Recipe Book

If you’re enjoying Bev’s juice series and feel like taking the next step on your juicing journey, you could try one of her Love Your Belly juicing workshops in Brighton. Click here to read about her latest workshops.


Bev Hetherington is a Nutrition Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Juice Juggler, Seasonal Sprouter and Fermented Food Fan, and will be here each month with a new juice recipe. You can find out more about her services here.

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